assignment 4

In this post im going to discuss the topic cell phones.

pros: One reason kids should use phones in school is because it is instant connectivity so if there is an emergency they can have there phone to call. Another reason is there parents can keep in track with there child. Another reason is if kids want advice from there parents they can contact them. Another reason is there parents can let them know if they can pick them up or not from school.

cons: One reason is if they dont shut there phone off or put it silent it can go off during class and disturb the class. Another reason is they could call the school authorities and lie about bomb threats in school. Another reason is they use there phones during school and spread rumors about people. Another reason is they use them to cheat on exams. Another reason is students use there camera to take pictures of students and teachers with out there permission. Another reason is it can distract them and other students from learning.

I think we should be able to use our phones but for certain reasons only.

assignment 2 safe blogging

There are many rules and tips for the internet and blogging            I am talking about safe blogging

  • Do not use your personal information for your school blog, you can reveal your personal info that you dont want to reveal to your school.
  • Do not use last names, school names, or your address
  • Do not reveal any information about your age, birthday, or year of graduation
  • Do not post anything that can cause you embarrassment
  • Do not post confidential information that can be used to steal your identity
  • Keep details that identify you

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